Goa's Unique glitter: Exclusive jewelry designs

The culture of Goa is very unique and in many ways, a direct contrast to the rest of India's culture. It is a place that is extremely secular and a perfect mesh of the eastern and western influence. The Goan culture also has a mix of Portuguese fused into it, given its rule in the colonial period of India.

Goa being called the 'Pearl of the Orient', its own history in steeped in Kaleidoscopic diversity that has influenced Goan clothes, traditions, cuisines and even jewelry etc.

Goan jewelry is known for its striking features such as the follows:

  • Precious and semi- precious stones embedded into the jewelry that make it more eye-catching and noticeable. You can find bracelets, necklaces, bangles and even rings with big stones attached to them.
  • Splendid terracotta and colorful beaded necklaces that are available all over popular Goan markets like in Calangute, Anjuna and Mapusa beaches etc.
  • There is also unique Marcasite jewelry which have a unique black color. These pieces are very popular especially in the Christian community. In Goa, they are generally given to Christian brides for the lovely ‘contrasting-look’ in between the white bridal dress and the black jewelry. There are jewelry designs that merge pure gold and marcasite designs that you can only attain in Goa.
  • At Goa trading company, you can get traditional Indian pieces, which are made available all over the world.